Game progression on Geoscape?

Coming back to pp after a long time, and the game is very different now. You have to activate bases in order to progress across the map? Linking you into new regions?

The problem is that I keep getting ‘stuck’ on the Geoscape with nothing to do except rundown the clock?

I’ve currently got 4 bases activated across south and north america, insufficient resources to activate a new one, nothing available to research and no ‘story’ missions within range. I cannot progress except waiting at base, pushing time forward hoping for a pandoran attack (which aren’t happening very often so far) so that i can get rewarded with some resources to activate another base, repeat, in order to build a scanner and finally progress by linking into a new region, scrimping and saving to repeat…

I read the advice to get your second team up and running asap, but there has literally been nothing for them to do (not even flying around trading!) so they have sat at my stables base, leveling up to level 7 without seeing a single mission!

I cannot trade, as of the 15 havens I have showing on the map, none want to buy apples!

There are now no exploration sites left to explore.
Around one month in the the game (game time, the date is 28-01-2047).

Playing on easy difficulty, which used to kick my ass previously.

It seems strange the game allows you to get into this position?

Any feedback or advice? thanks!

to progress easily from Americas you need at least one base with active scanner working - either in Alaska or in Greenland.

RIght now I don’t have any advice. Maybe scrap some gear to have resources for Satellite Uplink?

Next time postpone Training Center so you can get these Satellite Uplinks.

Trade what ever you can, you can only win except selling tech to synedrion, materials vs tech to NJ and food vs tech to Anu.

On easy difficulty nothing is over in your situation, you should find a way to Eurpope and Asia, take these
important bases at Greenland and/or Alaska as @Yokes already mentioned.

Final solution: Raid havens in your vicinity, this way you can get a lot of resources but it cost reputation to the faction you raid.

Thanks for the tips guys. I ended up taking yokes’s advice and scrapped some non essential base facilities that I’d inherited, and some ammo and I’m into Russia now so hopefully the larger land mass will help. But the nature of the game feels very different. Where it was in earlier updates a never ending “impossible to do everything” race against time, now it’s a slower grind trying to scrimp and save resources. That caught me by surprise.