Bases and geoscape

Imo bases should be built not found.

I wanna be able to choose my base locations. One way to change it would be to make PP only a memory that we uncover as we go.

Basicly make the player faction 4. PP is an old org that has Intel that will move us forward. If you find a PP base you get tech and Intel about the Past.

Make training labs recruiting facilitys and let us recruit only specialists from the other factions.

Overall the geoscape can basicly be a civ story with borders. That would have been intresting.

And for the love of god fix the items/soldiers part. Inventory and rosters becomes a mess when you get alot of soldiers.

Is there a roadmap so we know whats been working on? Im putting the game on hold for abit as its to much that still is needed imo. Im a backer that loves the core but still w8 for the game.