The base should have one on each continent

The base should have one on each continent,
I have three bases in Africa, this is not necessary at all!
The lack of bases on other continents makes it extremely difficult for our troops to rest, and the current construction of base facilities is also meaningless.
The base basically produces no resources, and the resources provided by the mission are sufficient. In addition to the vehicle port, the hospital dormitory is the training ground. . Faster research does not mean better equipment, most of the time the faction t1 equipment can be used for the end of the game

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The problem right now is, as far as anyone can tell, the base locations- and everything else n the Geoscape- are placed at random, so you can end up with ‘fun’ situations like not having a single base anywhere in the Americas. Placing one semi-randomly on each continent would work a lot better if the geoscape coding actually allows for that.