Game progress stalled

My progress in the game has stalled, I can’t complete these tasks:
I explored and controlled the entire globe, and it seems that there are no more hidden bases even in Antarctica and New Zealand, but the task continues to hang.
I do not know what type of pandoran I should capture. I suppose it should be a siren, but I no longer have fights where they spawned. For example, hives do not appear. What can be done to advance the game?

WOW you can actually get it this far! …:slight_smile:

I missed a lot of chances to catch Siren before I understood how to do it. Last one I met was successfully captured in Antarctic mission, and was used for usual task like ‘get 1 of them for bloody experiments’. Now, since 8 days from first post here, I found 6th base (thanks to Yokes), and first task from my screen is completed. But the second one still annoying me same as swarms of tritons and arthrons, instead of couple of sirens.

I was meaning that the game bugs out on me before I can get to far into the game…:frowning:

Oh we balancing more carefully than tightrope walker over the abyss for it :slight_smile: