Recruiting standard troops

I rely very much on assault/snipers, especially for base defense missions.

In the early game almost each faction offers them.

Later on I find mostly elite troops stationed.

Is there a way I can find more assaults?

As the game progresses, more and more havens upgrade their trainin so “normal” grunts are fewer and fewer. Add to that the faction mutual-destruction wars and thay’re slim to none to be found.

2 options recruit more of them earlier (but at that time they are still expensive) - or multi-class elite recruits to include assault/sniper.

The elite facility thing is very annoying. At current it seems once available a recruit remains available until recruited. It should really be changed to a rotating model wherein recruits are available for a certain amount of time and then rotated out for someone else or allow havens to stack multiple recruits for hire.

I have seen elite training centers offer base class troopers but extremely rarely.


It’s bizarre in my current play, I sill have many Assault/Berzerk/Sniper/Heavy quite late in campaign. I don’t see any reason for it, I thought it was a game change, but it seems not if this isn’t general.

EDIT: Another change from previous plays, recruit in an Haven seem change a lot faster.

I agree - later in the game it becomes very hard to find and recruit basic types to develop additional teams. Please consider making it (more) possible to recruit basic troops even if the site has upgraded to an Elite training center.

If they have an elite training center, start off with basic and later upgrade to elite.