Saving during lair missions causes freezing

In BB5, I’ve noticed that if I save during a lair mission, a turn or two later the game will freeze at the start of the alien turn, as if it’s ‘thinking’ about the turn, but nothing happens. No input is accepted, and I have to task switch out and forcibly quit the game.

Upon reloading the save, the same thing will happen, meaning I have to backtrack to the last geoscape save.

I don’t normally save during regular tactical missions, so this is where I have noticed it, but I have a faint recollection that it might have happened in other missions too, before I noticed the pattern.

you don’t have to force quite! Open the console and type WIN that will get you past it. Until the next battle it will probably do it again, in fact it only gets worse from here on in with this bug, enjoy!

@ZeeraCamay are any of your soldiers equipped with the Synedrion motion detector unit?

Nope - I never even saw the item in my play through, as I didn’t progress that far with Synedrion.

Shame, that’s the usual glitch of this kind :confused: