Game instantly crashes wont even get to a splash screen, anyone have a fix?

Hi there, so as the title implies the game crashes instantly when I try to start it, no splash screen just black for about 1.5 seconds then my desktop, no error screen or anything.

I read in another thread it may be the game is trying to use my integrated graphics but how would I even be able to check that if I can’t even get to a screen? also, i did a clean install of the latest drivers like a week ago so it ain’t that I promise.

computer specs:
ryzen 3 2300G
MSI B450 gaming plus
8gb ram

I don’t know how to help you, sorry. Though if you could please email the crash logs to, it’ll give the QA Team more to analyze. I believe crash logs are found at [username]\appdata\localow\snapshot games inc\phoenix point\crashes in Windows

okay i wrote up the email thank you for that directory line i have issues finding that stuff sometimes.

you’re welcome