Game hangs while autosave

When intercepting a Berith attacking a base, the error below appears. The game doesn’t freeze but you cannot do anything from there, can’t even exit the game or go back to the main screen.

An error has occurred while overwriting the save file! Please make sure you have enough free memory on your device.

I’ve tried deleting the autosave, restarted, but no use. Fortunately if I ignore the attack and move to another mission, the autosave works and I can continue the game. But loading back the previous save after that will still cause the game to hang at the Berith.

Running on Macbook Pro 14, Legendary difficulty.

Same here, got an Autosave error while doing the Biogenesis faction mlssion, it doesn’t crash but I can’t do the mission, not sure if I can still do others… Nasty bug :frowning: