Game locks at the end of Mission (fixed)

Since the release of Legacy of the Ancients I’ve had a problem where the game locks when a mission ends.
This only happens if the mission ends while its not my turn.
For example: I’m doing a mission where killing all enemys is the only objective.
Now there is only one enemy left and as soon as he dies the mission should be over. Lets say he is bleeding for 40 dmg and has only 30 hp left. If I end my turn, the enemy dies and the mission should be over. Now there is about a 80% Chance(just estimating based on my experience) that the Mission wont end. it basicly just locks at that point.
It seems like it’s still the enemys turn but nothing happens.
I cant press escape and reload the last save.
I can still move the Camera but thats basicly it.
So the only solution is to “Alt F4” the game, restart and reload.

I’ve only had this problem in missions where the objective is to kill all enemys.
Killing the enemy via Overwatch, him bleeding to death or him dying of poison doesn’t make a difference. (Haven’t tried Acid but I’d guess the result would be the same)

I think I’ve had it happen where the last enemy leaves the map because he didn’t hat any weapons left but I’m not 100% sure about that.
Also I think that I’ve had the same bug happen when I was defending a haven and one of the havens soliders kills the last enemy. Again I’m not 100% sure about that and I haven’t had time to try and reproduce the last two cases.

I’ll see if I can reproduce them as soon as I have time to do so.

Edit(21.02.21): Seems like the Bug has been fixed with the release of year one edition. At least for me it didn’t happen anymore since the release.