Game Freeze after "^6th Initiation" quest

If I choose the option to support Sons of Anu the game continues as normal.

If I choose the option to support Synedron instead, the game freezes up on me. The “OK” button is displayed and you can click it…nothing happens.

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I’ve had something similar asked to support slaughtering the unbelievers/unevolved (or words to that effect) after fending of an attack on one of their colonies. Screen pops up with a chubby blue hooded head and titled ‘6th Initiation’ asking me to join them. I take the “no it’s barbaric” option, the screen swaps out to tell me what I recovered from the combat, pops back to the blue head with the huge OK button that does nothing.

At first I thought, well, that’s awfully polite…

Thought I’d mention, when this happens PP isn’t idle. task manager tells me it’s using about 12% CPU.

Also, I go back to the same position and repeat the same thing if I kill PP & continue on restart. Can upload autosave if you tell me where…

A fairly hard failure. Went back to an earlier save and repeated the mission. Still locks up at the same place when I refuse the Anu request. It appears to be impassible.

If you choose the other option you can continue the game…but like you, I DON’T WANT to choose the other option.

Already thrown this one into the pot

@Whiterlight we learned it by clicking “no” and having our games freezing on us! :sweat_smile:

Thankfully, even if you carry out the mission, the haven still lives and any relations with Synedrion still stands.