Game difficulty is too easy

The things i listed just feel exploitive.

I guess the title i made is misleading. More like “these exploits make the game too easy”


Try an Assault/Berserker with the Heavy Weapons Proficiency trait. Combo your Armor Break ability with a Goliath. Dash in, shred all armor from any enemy (or enemies) with your Goliath/Armor Break, dash out. Clean up any monster with 2 shots from an AR. xD

Goliath ammo is expensive though.

Uh, that said… I wouldn’t say that the game is “too easy.” It just has some strange balancing issues. I know that a 100% stealth infiltrator can solo entire maps without any risk. But what’s the fun in that?

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The thing is, all this was the case in BB5 and was reported numerous times, so I wouldn’t call them “exploits” from the point of view of devs, otherwise it would have been fixed. As this wasn’t fixed, we can assume its working as expected.
What realistically happened since BB5 where we complained how piss poor easy game becomes with a team of multi classed level 7 soldiers, is devs just game more armor and hp to the enemy… :smiley:


Thanks @coyotekins just someone not saying “I’m playing on easy, it is so hard, so unfair…”

I wouldn’t say it is too easy but also not really too hard.

So many people complaining about the 30-40 armor on some Aliens, BUT hey they only have that much armor on some body parts, so just target the ones with less or no armor! The other way is to use Hel-II Cannon or snipers, no really big problem guys!

About the food production, yep that is the way to go! I’m not sure how to fix it without affecting people that don’t want to use mass production.

Not sure about scarab, it can be good but the armor is not that high and the ammo is limited. If they don’t stay close together you have a problem. Also it is mainly a better way to use the 3 slots for soldiers.

BTW: I’m playing on second hardest difficulty. The first time I really had a problem was the mission with 2 sirens and a chirion. The 2 sirens were able to control my whole squad, they just had not enough WP at this time. I had to change my strategy (~4 restarts), but finally everyone survived.

Haha, alright… Yea they are a little BS… maybe I’m also just getting unlucky, who knows.

I think I’ll try this, seeing this in action is impressive indeed… I’ve always duel classed most of my units with assaults because of Dash combo’s and such but the Sniper/Heavy seems real solid. Thanks for all the advice :blush:

I mean, my entire playthrough is livestreamed and i have vods on my youtube dude.

I get what you’re saying here, but this is actually what happens in every single x-com or xcom game after a while.
In the original x-com it was the third base that got you unlimited money (through production and sales) and once your A-team had all skills on full and you got the proper weaponry (easy with unlimited money/research) every map was a breeze (or a chore of hunting down that last huddling alien). For me that was usually about 10-15 h into the game. Same for Terror from the Deep.
In Apocalypse it was similar though that one actually was the hardest in the beginning in my opinion.
In Firaxis XCom it was always once the assaults reach Colonel. After that you could finish any map easily.
The hybrid functions in XCom 2 WOTC gave you Assaults with rapidclearance and extra movements where two Assaults usually could clear a map with very little assistance in one or two turns.

I don’t see too much of an issue with difficulty right now. It is progression which is missing that is the issue i guess.

problem is that the game is either too hard if you play without abusing ultimate abilities (witch are here for a reason, this being said :p)
or too easy if you use some
-berserker - scrap armor + heavy grenade launcher with kaboom ability
-100% stealth units
-Sniper + heavy gunner charger empting competence
And so on.

So it is definetly easy to one shot pretty everything but heh… it’s not exactly how i want to play the game doing the 2 - 3 exact same strat to one shot my path to the levels.

I wish their is some more choice than strugling agains waves of relentless ennemies that barely are scratched by assault riffles (even with piercing, regardless that help a lot) And one shooting everything with the silly sniper 3k damage per turn per unit xD


Early on, use the heavy to jet jump adjacent to a wounded crap and bash them in their skull! Bash is a single AP and can be used after jet jump… it’s also quite strong, usually doing somewhere from 75 - 90 dmg!! Good for early leveling.


Exactly my thoughts. People who don’t figure out that insane skill combos hit a brick wall, and those who do get bored because there is no challenge anymore when your sniper/heavy combo empties its magazine for 1k damage in one turn.

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Yep, i was on the 1st batch of people lowering difficulty cause i found the game too hard on the first play. Then i discovered the op combo and then i became bored, so i started again with higher difficulty, but it’s as boring as in easy when using op strats :confused: while barely possible without it u_u’

Use sniper armor on the heavy and multiclass him to get the sniper perks. You can oneshot most stuff with his heavy canon.

And that is pretty much the problem with this game. There is like 1 way to play it to win and that is completely exploiting the system. All other methods are setting yourself up to be completely destroyed.

yep agreed, i hope the game will be balanced while out of beta stage (aka out of the epic forced rushing release). Still a lot of potential and i have a relative plseasure discoving thje story but the gameplay itself definetly need more work

I want more thrill on playing this game… but too loose overall.

How about applying the current aiming system only to snipers and applying probabilities to regular attacks?

Some people already end up playing almost exclusively with sniper-hybrid classes, it will be the last nail to the assault cuffin if they do this x)

Plus assault have too few damage to bypass armor and therefore need to be manualy aimed in order to even hope do some damage to a nutshell.

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Not too easy in general, but extremely perk dependent while perks are way too stronk. I really hope this will get addressed. Power to the soldier not their perks !

i only have one hybrid in my A-Team and that is a Heavy with Sniper Armor to give him accuracy. Other than that I use 2 vanilla Snipers and 5 Assaults. For Base defence I use almost only engineers now and the odd Heavy or Sniper to flesh it out. Never had a Problem so far. Cleared Antarctica in two turns. You don’t NEED those Hybrids. There are a lot of different ways to win, you just have to find your own.