Over-difficulty at every setting


I was one of the backers, but I entered the game without playing any of the backer builds. As a casual gamer, I like to finish the game without too much challenge at my first run to learn the mechanics and go for the second run with proper difficulty. I’m also a huge fan of XCOM and finished all of them, including the expansions. In this case there was almost no learning curve at all. Moreover I found out that every restart seems to be raising the difficulty bar even higher. And I am talking about the easiest setting. I restarted the game 4 times. The third time I got to the mid game, allying with two of the factions, but it seems that the crabs were wiping me out in almost every mission. Lairs are especially buggy as I couldn’t find spawnery on the entire map, despite wasting many hours reloading saves. after my latest restart, my guys started dying in the third map of the campaign! I understand the need of the challenge, but please nerf the difficulty a bit, so it’s possible to learn the mechanics without being a heavy gamer. It feels as this game is a dark souls of the xcom ganre, and at the beginning it’s definitely not for everyone and not too fun to burn through the hours. Take an XCOM 2 difficulty setting as an example


I am at the same place. It even at the easiest settings, my guys can’t seem to land a shot, but every freaking enemy is a sniper with perfect hit. At about 6% on the red scale the difficulty aliens have rampped up to the point where it seems like one I need 4 guys to kill one in a round, but two of them are destroying one of my team. This isn’t fun. I was looking forward to this game, and bought the $80 version. At this point I am honestly thinking about trying for a refund.


I play it on hard and I like the difficulty, makes you think. It also adds to replayability, wich was always the strongest side of the original xcom. You should probably look for some tips over the internet and on this site.

  1. Don’t rush and take cover.
  2. Look for the weaknesses - shoot arms and weapons on arthrons and tritons, shoot sirens in the head, after that they are harmless.
  3. Watch for enemies will points, they will panic when it gets below zero.
  4. Use soldier abilities.
  5. Study weapons - 40 damage with 4 burst is better than 30 damage with 6 burst, because of enemy armour.
    These are just some tips.

I do agree the game is not casual like XCOM 2, but that is what makes it better, imho.

hehehe, you forgot to mention how to handle a bomb chiron assisted by 2 sirens or in lair missions even 2 bom,b chirons (with at least 2 sirens), which hammer grenades on your team all over the map, killing them with 2 shots or crippling them until they are useless.

I hadn’t, it’s the first tip! At the worst case they run out of bombs.

The Chirons ? Never seen them running out of bombs. Until that time your team is gone…

Only if you stay in the open.

I would assume, that all lair missions, you stay in the open because there is no big cover which isn´t gone with one volley of shots!

I always had tall obstacles and niches with ladders in lairs

I have to agree, it is too difficult to have fun. If you want to start as an beginner, you can´t force the Player to an expert level after having solved just a few fights. I´d wish, the level for Starters would be fixed to an much easier challenge.

Didn’t count, but it was 3 or 4 volleys. I let them fire until they were out.

I played that one story mission where you had 3+ bombers and 3+ Sirens on a pretty open ruins map with 5 people no assault only one dual class. And my heavy did essentially nothing. So they can’t be that bad. I almost beat it without losses, but got careless at literally the last enemy and a crab man killed two. :confused:

There are plenty of tools in the game. Use them, don’t blame the enemy.