Game Crashes when targeting Hatching Sentinels

Everytime I target or encounter a Hatching Sentinel my game freezes. Or if I move my cursor over the Sentinel it will crash my game. Only once have I managed to kill one by auto targeting with my units. Anyone else have this issue?

yes I am getting the same crash, was hoping the the update would cure it bit it is still happening. cannot report it either as the f12 refuses to work with the crash. :triumph:

Same issue for me with the sentinel and the error reporting. CPU and Memory are at normal levels, but the game is frozen

Hi guys,

Are you using some mods? As you cannot use F12 could you please give me your output_log.txt from C:\Users*username*\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point and your save?

It is necessary to reproduce the crash first and send the log after. The save should be before the crash so we can reproduce it.

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will try to do it at the weekend for you.

I am not using any mods. How do i attach the files you’ve asked for?

I have an upload button when posting but I am not sure if you have it as well. Anyway, it would actually be better if you send it to me privately on this email:

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sent, let me know if everything is OK with the files, I have an upload button but it will only allow images

So I shared your log and save with someone more competent :slight_smile: and this is what I got:

Your graphic card AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series is non supported graphic card. You ran out of memory (VRAM probably) when targetting sentinel because aiming at the sentinel means he then triggers the body part shaders which add a graphical load.

Do you play with very low graphic settings? If you do not then you should definitely start to. But as it is non supported graphic card we cannot guarantee that you will be able to play even with Very Low quality settings.

OK, yeh it is on a an old desktop. I’ll check my settings. Been fine till now. Thanks for the feedback

mines an old pc as well, will try the lower graphics setting see if that helps and let you know. thanks for the info. :+1:

think i might have found a work around. as long as i dont zoom in on the sentinal and just fire my weapon it doesnt seem to freeze.

hope this helps

That worked for me initially but not anymore for some reason

looks like im going to have to buy a new pc to play. gutted :sob: