Just Begun and Game Freezes

I just Bought the game at egs and had 3 Freezes
First, I enter the game, change a little settings, change english on my local, starting the game with tutorial, move 1 character,ok, move another check fire systemm killing enemy, Enemy dying- Freeze
Second- enter the game, settings the same, stating, tutorial, moving 1 character, game Freeze
Third- Ok, mb without tutorial, start game without tutorial, checking what buttons and numbers i have to check, shop, products, dyplomacy, enter Crew or something click on one of the team and game Freeze
I don’t know what i do wrong
Mb my PC so much potato , but such freezes strange
I can type specs if you want
When i mean freeze, game just stuck, firse time i had to shutdown Pc, others just alt+F4

Upd: switch on english, low graphics and low resolution, nothing specially changed, now i can go to step when i aiming in tutorial, scrolling and game freezes, but I try to shoot, change my character, aiming and shoot, guess it evething works by sound but i can’t see it cause of freeze and then i see some i guess error report image