Frozen start screen

Hello, I can load the game up to the home screen. You can hear music. The screen is black. I can move the mouse. When I press the right mouse button, an image appears “Online guidelines, agreements and conditions”. But I cannot agree or disagree. Nor can I select the options in the top right to make graphics settings. The picture is frozen, except for the fog and the music. No key combination seems to work. What can I do?
Does anyone know of this problem?

Just a shot in the dark. Have you tried deleting all files found in the save directory? Specifically the file <Options.jopt> – see link for possible location of this folder

Also, if you haven’t done so, verify you game installation via the Epic Launcher.

Here’s hoping you find a solution.

I don’t find the folder for the savegames.
Verify, I did it, but no alteration.

I’ve LinuxMint Cinnamon 19.3 and start epic games store with lutris.