Can't get passed unity logo on launch

When I launch the game on the epic store, I get the options like graphics settings, window mode?, etc. but when i go to launch the game i just get the black screen following the unity logo.

I do see the game mouse cursor, but no audio or graphics to indicate that anything has loaded.

I’ve got a i7-3770 processor and an amd rx480 graphics card. I was able to run earlier versions fine.

Just thought i’d let you know.

edit: as I wrote this forum post, the game actually loaded. I’ll check back in later to see if this problem persists (the long loading)

It actually happened to me as well. What do you do to successfully load the game then?

Wait patiently.

You wait. For me the game takes quite some time to initiate, minutes even. After that, it’s a smooth sail

I’ll just echo the waiting thing to as that’s essentially all it took for me (it might take a few minutes of black screen), assuming that you have a relatively decent computer.

What I’d add: If you at least see the mouse cursor for the game (not the windows mouse cursor…heh) I’d assume that the game will probably load if you wait long enough.