Flame Thrower is a hot mess

I love this thing, it’s badass and gratifying to use, when it works.

The issue seems to mainly be in the targeting, it is far too hard to tell if it’s actually aiming at want I want.

Plus, it’s an area weapon, right? Yet doesn’t work with Boom Blast, not even a cost reduction.

So I had an idea: what if it worked more like a mini-goliath in terms of mechanics? Firing a burst of very short range, very small-radius blasts that set fire, to kind of mimic a liquid stream if you will (i.e. how military flamethrowers actually work)

This would allow it to still excell as a close range area denial and crispy-headcrab tool, while also giving it a more unique niche than some of the other heavy weapons by allowinf very short range indirect fire without self harm.

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Yeah ive had some mixed results with the flamer. Targetting does indeed seem to be cause of it. Only thing that ive noticed is that if the projected damage doesent show your attack wont actually do any damage. Thats the only way that ive been able to avoid whiffing attacks with it.

And only just now saw the pun in the title. Nice :joy: