First Impressions after a day or so

Equipment, why does going into manufacturing screen take me to armour. Haven’t built any yet but I do build a fair few weapons/mags. Yet every time I go in I have to swap screens, real minor annoyance.

Accessing settings while on a map causes the camera view to spin 90 degrees or so. Only did this so I could turn down the music/slash sound effects. So it only applies till you get the balance right.

On that note, the sound effect that plays when mist is present is totally annoying. That sound has made me take headset off.

A large percentage of the soldiers have had male names with female bodies.

Soldier customisation is pretty bad, don’t use it apart from setting all colours to 10 and there is one set of armour which I can’t remember number of that I use. Those colours are just too comic style.

I’m not using a lot of the soldier skills, most of the points are going into strength, willpower and speed. With only the odd mainline skill. Did some of this in BB’s especially on the heavy which is still the case. And think I have actually used only one of the optional skills from the third line so far on one of my soldiers. I know you didn’t want super soldiers but seems to have gone into bland territory. I don’t seem to be suffering from not giving soldiers those skills.

BTW, whats with grenades? and that dismal GL accuracy.

Research, head shaking a bit as you have to research an alien to access a shotgun. A weapon which has been around for at least a couple of hundred years.And keep in mind the first pump action shotgun patent was 1854, I actually went and checked this.

I tried thinking of things that stood out as really good so as not to appear to negative but the most I am coming up with is, it’s ok. Mostly stuff we have seen in other games.