Firing Soldiers

For the love of all that is holy, give us the ability to FIRE SOLDIERS! I’ve hired soldiers to get their gear so I can reverse engineer the stuff. I’ve also been hiring soldiers trying to find ones with optimal secondary abilities (which is such a waste of resources it’s not even funny…why the HELL do Snipers roll with Heavy proficiencies?), so my roster rapidly fills up. Right now the only option I have is to take them to a mission and have them slaughtered. Have one soldier I wish to keep ready to escape, send the rest to the killing fields. This is tedious, not to mention demoralizing. I shouldn’t have to send sub-optimal soldiers to die just so I can hire…more sub-optimal soldiers.

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I mean you do hire people, so you can take their stuff. It’s like someone would hire you, you show up with your phone, and laptop, then they take those from you, and send you home. If you steal their stuff, at least have the decency to house and feed them. Or have guts to bring them into woods and shoot them in the back of their heads.

Or switch to Legendary - they will come in without any equipment.


I just wish you could view the stats of soldiers before you hire them, I mean the hiring is supposed to be rigorous…
Btw some of the synergies between heavy and sniper are awesome later on. Jetpack snipers… gaining 2 action points per kill and such. Just make sure to give them only the body jump armor as heavy armor really kills accuracy.
But yea it would be nice to have a retirement option other than operation human shield. I personally just work with what I hire and push everything else to advancing the game.

Ender’s Game is trying to create perfect soldiers.

Legit funny, but I didn’t make this name based on Ender’s Game lol. But yes, I am trying to make perfect soldiers. I need every leg up I can get!

Clearly you’ve never worked in the private sector :slight_smile:

I suppose you mean criminal organization, not the private sector overall.

The difference between a criminal organisation and some parts of the private sector is that in the former, you don’t get to go home. Ever again. :slight_smile:

You can sack soldiers in the 1990s XCOM original game.
You can sack soldiers in the sequels that followed.
And you can sack soldiers in the Firaxis XCOM1 XCOM2 reboots.

But this game had the suck feature instead.

Could be worse, in the public sector you show up with will, initiative and and independence of thought - they take those from you, and sign you up for a pension scheme. :wink:

Blame modern employment law…

Agreed please allow for firing and retirement of soldiers (It would be extra cool if you allowed for a Graveyard/Alumni section that shows there missions/Kills/date of hire/Date of expiration or firing.

To me this game is really feeling like a parallel to the Epic store in a lot of ways. The primary one being this game is attempting to fit into the XCOM genre, but apparently didn’t learn a thing from the other games that have already paved the road ahead. And I’m not talking about major gameplay issues or designs, but simple things like my request here. Why in the world can’t you fire soldiers? That’s, like, the most basic thing a game where you hire soldiers with random perks should have.

The UI is lacking a lot of information, the UI layout is not the best, and just so many other little things in this game just make it look like Snapshot stuck their head in the sand for the past 15 years and completely ignored everything in this genre, what works, what doesn’t, and what people enjoy having.