Fire damage on bb4

Not sure if this has been asked before, but are fire based weapons bugged at this point?
The incendiary grenade does no damage and I haven’t tried the flamer yet but the weapon info says 0 damage.
Also, was the shotgun damage nerfed? Or is the damage in the weapon info wrong?

no sure how the fire damage works yet.

As for the shotgun, last I checked it was still 4 dmg per pellet, 10 pellets per round

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I have described how fire works in other thread. It is not accurate description yet, but if you had used it and it did 0 damage then you were just unlucky I suppose. For me incendiary grenades worked 80% of the times. Remember that fireworms are immune to fire. And weapon description is wrong. :wink:

As for shotgun, single shot now only have 8 pellets so damage have decreased slightly. But still it is one of the most powerful weapons in close range.

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Thank you for the info

Well I will update fire thread soon, because there are false statements. :smiley: