Finished the campaign, two bug notes: Char who couldn't equip and stuck at final gate

  1. I got a Anu Priest character who came with a broken virus rifle. I scrapped the rifle, but it would not let me place a new rifle, or the virus sniper rifle, in his hands in the equip screen. Eventually after trying all weapons I discovered that the slot would accept Anu melee weapons. I equipped him with one of these until he levelled up, then gave him a personal defence training that should have let him use PDWs, but even so he remained unable to equip PDW’s. This character was super expensive and the fact that he was broken was a major team nerf.

  2. In the final battle, it was unclear if I had to destroy the gate or defeat every last mob (to include mercy killing the limbless arthons bleeding to death in some corner) so I wasted a lot of ammo trying to knock the gate down until I went and thumped every bleeding arthon over the head with shock batons. Then the gate opened, but by then I had wasted enough ammo that I simply didn’t have enough to kill the receptacle. Had to save scum and try again. Interestingly, however, two characters, both assaults, would not advance past the point of where the gate had been, and, even though they had full APs and no limb damage, would not move at all after they reached the edge of where the gates had been. All others moved through the zone just fine. I had to gather up all their bullets from their inventories and kill the receptacle without my shooters. Yay.