Finding Faction Armor

In salvage/supply missions why can we only find weapons that have already been researched? Any why never armor?
It would be cool if we could discover faction items in a salvage and attempt to reverse engineer it. It makes no sense that this never happens.


I agree, this would be logical and would also work with the game mechanic that sometimes droppes weapons on vanquished enemies.
If I remember correctly, on early game builds you could target to keep the weapon undamaged and have it available for salvage after the kill. Same thing could apply for armor… ie a headshot kill wouldn’t damage most of the armor the humanoid target was wearing.

There has been a mod for it for a long time:

Sadly, the devs never picked up on it to include the (optional) feature in the basegame.

mod doesn’t say anything about armor. I never saw armor as a piece of equipment on the battlefield.

You’re right, my mistake, this is the correct mod:

It has some properties to configure about the drops (use modnix), here is a subset of my setup:
“AlwaysRecoverAllItemsFromTacticalMissions”: false,
“EnablePlentifulItemDrops”: true,
“ItemDestructionChance”: 10,
“AllowWeaponDrops”: true,
“FlatWeaponDestructionChance”: 30,
“HealthBasedWeaponDestruction”: true,
“AllowArmorDrops”: true,
I think the last one is what you seek.

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