Fellow humans, it's time to push back

Fellow humans,

It’s been 25 years since the irregularity in Antarctica’s permafrost was discovered. Since then, things have only got worse. We’ve watched the Pandoravirus mutate our loved once into monsters… our coastlines were decimated by weather anomalies… our entire civilisation was destroyed. What started out as a few crabs being rather aggressive turned into humanity being pushed to the brink of extinction. It’s time that humanity pushed back.

We will soon be launching our next season of Phoenix Point operations on Twitch, where we will be calling up community-submitted candidates to be our soldiers. At the beginning of the campaign, and when it’s time to recruit a new soldier to Phoenix Point, the appropriate number of candidates will be called up! Throughout this campaign, especially during missions, the candidates will remain (and behave) as true to themselves as possible as they become soldiers and, we hope, mature into heroes of the human race.

So, you’ve heard about the Phoenix Point operations and you think you have the perfect candidate in mind. It could be you, someone you know or a completely arbitrary ‘character’ (we’ll track them down, don’t worry). How can these nominations be put forward to join our ranks? Simply use our conscription form!

If you’re out there, come to Phoenix Point and sign up. We’ll be waiting.

Commander Cush

OOC: Hope it’s ok asking for input on this forum, all submissions will greatly help! Any questions, just comment :slight_smile: