Feel like we're being listened to

I’m being cautious. There have been more than a few bumps in the last year or so.

Since the last patch I really noticed the importance of a decent UI and how much it changes the experience.

It has improved dramatically as have the gameplay elements, mission types, AI etc… however a lot of things are a little 'old school"

Capturing Pandorans for example. Not the clearest thing in the world neither is the lack of tool tips (something which you take for granted in this age)

I’d like to thank the people on the forums who have always been friendly enough to answer any questions I’ve had but it would be nice to learn these kind of things myself.

Anyway… I read the little marketing blurb email they sent me regarding the changes they are making for the steam release and frankly, it’s everything I have hoped for.

Better UI

Making soldiers feel unique.

Descriptions about the games mechanics so you can actually understand what going on in a rather complicated game.

Added… Polish.

So this will be the 9th major update to this game and I honestly hope that the outlying bugs can be erased and the game polished so that it is a success.

Despite the problems that this game has had it is obvious that the developers, while perhaps not the best at checking for bugs, are really determined to create a real, deep, challenger to Xcom 2 in a fascinating world with more than a few bizarre parallels to real life at the moment.

I’m ranting (lockdown 3).I wish the best of luck to the developers and the testing team.

It feels good to be listened to. I feel positive about the future of PP with a few understandable hesitations.