Feedback on waypoints

There are a few chokepoints on the map which can severely impact a players ability to move. If there is not a waypoint within reasonable proximity then it can add a week to crossing the chokepoint (For example - Central America) Multiply this times the number of chokepoints (at least three) and you are looking at adding upwards to a month to the gametime - at best assuming no distractions.

It would be nice if there were an algorithm which would ensure that all waypoints can be ‘found’ without requiring a base with radar. At the very least, maybe a RNG that would limit the number of waypoint dead-ends based on the chosen game difficulty.

So you mean special rules for something like 4 regions? It would probably be crossings between:

Russia - Alaska (one on either side of that bridge)
Greenland - Europe (also one on either side)
North America - South America (usually Honduras is crucial here)
Argentina - Antarctica (both bases in Argentina and Antarctica)

So that there would be always some haven which would reveal and lead to the point on the other part of the crossing and it should be in range of typical aircraft (Manticore). This could be helpful for the beginners… BUT

From my point of view, I’m not sure I like the idea of creating special rules over other probably quite complex rules. And with current design I see few solutions:

  • plan in advance of activating base and running satellite uplink in these places (for example my 4th and 5th activated bases are some of these - still cheap and will allow to progress in that desired direction and by the time I get there, area is ready for my exploration) and that is sufficient, but if you are low on resources to activate more bases then:
  • earlier prepare airship with longer flight range to be sent there (Tiamat, Thunderbird, or even Manticore with Fuel Tank) and most of the time they will be able to pass these land bridges.

As for my liking I would prefer to have completely unrestricted (detached from bases) satellite scans with really cheap cost. That would not require activating bases, and would allow to scan anywhere despite scan range. And there would be no need for any special rules related to revealing sites.

Another issue with way points, often the path chosen for aircraft is not the most direct.

Right but don’t worry, the tectonic plates are still moving and in a few millions of years the planet landmasses will be differently distributed.