Feedback after several sleeping months

I’ve stop the game some month ago (3 major patches) to wait for the new base system (all bases visible and need to reactivate). Because of too much random effect when starting a new game.
I’ve start on veretan level as I’ve stopped the game on this difficulty (to see the difference).

The new base system (reactivation) reduce the random effect, it’s really good.
The new pandoran evolution is good, the difficulty is smoother at the begining and become harder later. Some evolutions are new and can become hard, like sniper tritons (cool).
The organic spot discovery is disturbing at the begining mais become natural after a while.
The fact to not be able to gain food is disturbing but we can gain with other ways. New scavinging spot can be discovered at middle game, great idea. Pandoran recycling is special but can be usefull.
New weapons stats are more smooth through the progression.
Perks changes are good but may be too much nerfed (mark of the death, not really usefull for a 7 level rank).
More researches, cool !

I’ve encounter some bugs :
Using shotgun freese the game, need to kill the game.
Spider mines does not damage ennemies sindedrion spies even visible !
I have more than 10 bases, when I select the eighth or higher, the base scroll bar reset so you have to scroll again to select the next one.
IA, especially allies IA is awfull. I’ve seens a sinedrion sniper on a top of a high building with a good line a sight jump hard (and take damage) to fall on cac arthrons, and die without a shot ! Face palm.

See you later !

As to bugs the best way to report them is F12 in game. It will send reports Straight to snapshot with save screenshot and all data that could be needed.

Am I correct to assume from the above that there are new research projects added to those ontop of the base game?

Are there additional items available for manufacture also?

Reason I ask is that the known bugged achievements for manufacture all items and research all projects may need to take this into account. They’re glitched anyway but just pointing this out.