Feedback from Kane

OK. So I finally had a chance to finish the game (it’s not easy when the kid has a school break :wink: ).
I will still watch the forum and wait for the next patches and DLC but I don’t plan to replay the game right now.

  • I am happy that I backed the game and support the team

  • I am happy to have a chance to play the new UFO

  • If I have to rank the game… I would say… 6/10

  • Sadly I think that game should not be released in this state of development

  • crazy amount of annoying bugs makes this game hard to play for backers…and I got why new people got ‘do I really paid for that?’ approach

  • some bugs like ‘un-dash-able’ fields, can’t finish a mission with mutog, alien turn loop, power outage after getting synedrion tech, etc, clearly suggest that QA team doesn’t have enough time to finish their job. Especially when we had a very clear communication that some errors are back in the game because of code merge.

  • I like the idea of DLC, however I think it’s more ‘things we were unable to finish’ rather than ‘extra stuff, that we want to add’. That’s why I think, guys who will buy PP on steam will get in a state that was expected as a day 1.

  • Meta, meta, meta…again, for me, a clear signal of not enough time for QA. Heavy sniper, who can finish Citadel within one turn. or infiltrator with 100% stealth.
    *, on the other hand, we have units like mutogs. Oh… I LOVED the idea and couldn’t wait to test… and then on the first mission, Siren was able to mind control my mutog (because why not, mutog brain works clearly the same was as human), and then wiped my team.

  • I really like the idea of not so typical missions, aircraft stealing, research raid, planting seeds… but I still don’t know why in some clearly infiltration missions I have ‘secure the area’ (aka kill everything) objective. Of course, sometimes these missions can be…painful like the NJ mission with taking scientist from Synedrion, where Synedrion snipers can kill him on turn one. Five resets in a row.

  • I still can’t get the idea of having ‘fixed but random’ bases. For me this is the worst solution possible. You HAVE TO return to base to heal yourself, while you are encouraged to search for the new base, while every unexplored site can be a trap. Just allow us to create outposts (just healing and resting, almost unable to defend), or allow us to select spot for bases

  • lack of… consistency?
    So, we have store in base to keep our stuff. However storage is shared across all bases.If you have a single base in Detroit, and recruit new guy in Bogota, the guy will instantly teleport to Detroit.
    If you have a single good sniper rifle, and your team alpha just finished assault in Delhi, and you need this rifle for attack in Paris, you just have to unequip rifle in India, and equip it in Europe, straight from storage magic void.
    BUT if you need to buy four apples, you have to travel for hundred miles to click hundred times…and throw apples straight into the magical storage.

  • LoS issue, really, two things. IF you decided to give us a tooltip that convinces us that we will have LoS after moving, please implement in a correct way. there is nothing more frustrating than dashing and than seeing that it was algorithm mistake.

  • free aim. Free aim should be available always, and action points should be only necessary for taking a shot. Again, if you are a sniper, you would like to test if there is a reason to use Quick Aim, before you use your WP.

I can’t wait to see the game patched up. for sure I will return.

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Indeed, I’d like the ability to see if it is worth it to “quick aim” by aiming (not being able to pull the trigger though).
I currently swap for pistol to get a glimpse at how good/bad the view is. I know that sniper aim might be different, but at least I get an approximate view of the objects potentially blocking the LoS.

It’s perhaps not perfect but the los blue line can work by rotating the camera enough, with free cam it certainly works better but I don’t bother use it.

Moving a soldier to a position doesn’t provide a preview of your aiming, but a preview of the los with blue line, click once to fix the position, there’s no need to favor Quick Aim, and there’s no need to favor sniping.

Ok perhaps a way to get the los blue line without moving, try with one case move can be misguiding. I don’t know.

WTF? Does it cost AP now to try to aim? Hahahaha Was this added in the latest patch?

That’s what I thought they meant at first. You have to have enough AP to take a shot in order to click the fire button, you have to click the fire button to free aim.

Yes, “free aim” was ambiguous I guess. He should have written “manual aim”.

Surely that’s exactly how it works at the moment? You select your SR, you click on the aiming reticle to see whether it’s worth taking the shot, and if it is, you zoom back out (Esc), select ‘Quick Aim’, then take the shot.

That’s certainly how it works for me.

If I have only 2AP left, I can’t click on the aiming reticle. Haven’t updated the game though since I saw it broke things and I don’t have the problems many seemed to have. (so I still have the old “return fire” you liked better :wink:)
I have to test if it would work by pressing the “F” key.

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Ah, I understand… :thinking:

That’s exactly my point. Same with Overwatch (with a perk, it costs 2AP instead of 3), if I have two potential directions of approach I would like to manual aim to check which one provides bettter option, and then select.

Sometimes you see the blue line, you move your soldier only to find that the enemy is greyed out and totally out of sight. it’s clearly an error in algorithm? (I guess the blue line connects the middles of the fields, while your weapon position (sniper rifle vs heavy?) can affect the line of fire, BUT the game had this data during calculation so I blame the game :slight_smile:

It probably still counts ability of the soldier to step out of cover to take a shot, but with some covers this ability doesn’t work anymore as soldier just refuses to step out. So yes, its a bug.

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The blue line is never safe, you need check it all along the path, that’s why I quoted cam rotations was required. Don’t expect a blue line say I’ll have a fine shoot from here. There’s perhaps some bug case, but it’s also up to you to consider the trajectory path including for height if elements in the path and the weapon you plan use (it’s different for each type).

EDIT: And yes the side step case is an additional element of complexity with the blue line. I mean beside bugs. A total hand holding wouldn’t work well in my opinion, some game did it, and it looks like comfort but it changes the gameplay depth and complexity.

It worked fine in BB4 and BB5…

Ha ha so they decided to make it less hand guiding, that’s not a bad choice, I can’t say it is good, but such decisions are very important for the gameplay.

It’s a bug, developers mentioned it themselves when we complained about issues with cover. You are off by the mile again.

What’s a bug? It’s in game tips that you need take care of cover depending of the weapon you intend use. What’s the point if the player is fully hand guided? They won’t even check the blue lines and will complain there’s none here or there. I have doubts, link please.

EDIT: At end you’ll get screwed up anyway if you just consider it ok if there’s a blue line. It could be through a tiny hole, or to only a part with very high armor.

That there’s some bug case is one thing, it’s another that blue lines become hand guiding.

The bug is “game telling you that you have a line of fire for the position you want to move to but said line of fire doesn’t exist when you make a move”. You can do search yourself, all clues are provided already.

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Like I said.
IF you decide to provide a GUIDANCE I expect it would be accurate. I don’t mind NOT having blue like and rely on my guess.
But it’s like sign before narrow path. IF I see ‘width: 2m’ I know that I can pass. but if the real width is 185cm and my car is 192cm I can blame the county of providing missleading information.
and YES, I know that could stop my car, take a ruller and measure the gap. I could, but I have sign for that.

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Ok the bug, it needs be fixed, but again, fix the bug, don’t check the blue line, no improvement. So ok the bug need be fixed, but a better tips, check the blue line or you’ll cry more than few time. And if you check the blue line you even dodge the bug.

More clear?