Question on Pandoran evolution with the new patch

So with Leviathan patch released it mentions:

Evolution System

  • The evolution system progression was advancing too rapidly from tactical battles and less from with time - we are changing this to be weighted more towards the time component making the whole progression a bit smoother.*
  • We are adding a difficulty component to evolution progression effectively slowing down Pandoran evolution (encountering elite units) for easier difficulties.

If a game is already in progress will these changes flow through? Or would we need to start a new game to see the benefit?

Second question, after this bit in the notes:


We have made changes to the ODI to increase the pressure on higher difficulties.

  • If the player does nothing to stop the pandorans:***
  • Easy - The game should end in 6 months ingame***
  • Normal- The game should end in 5 months ingame***
  • Hard - The game should end in 4 months ingame***
  • Very Hard- The game should end in 3 months ingame***

Define “do nothing”. If Pandoran percentage is kept at a low amount (say 0-20%) will the game still be over after 6 in-game months?

It will affect the difficulty of the current game, but only from the current point. If they’ve already evolved to a higher level than they would have with the new patch rules, they won’t get weaker.

If you “do nothing” as in, you don’t tackle any Pandoran bases in an attempt to control the ODI, the ODI will hit 100% after that amount of time.

Ah. Good that attacking bases will make a true difference, and annoying on the other side that I’ll likely need to start my game again to see the true benefits.

Thank you.

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