Missing game explanation - biggest issue

My biggest issue with the game is that there is no explanation how the core mechanic of the game, meaning the scaling and pacing of the game, does function.

In no world it is the players part to look into code or having to play hundreds of hours to have a clue how some things are done.

So PLEASE explain what has influence on the scaling, if it’s

  • time passing and/or
  • how often you fight vs pandorans and/or
  • kill-/loss ratio pandorans vs soldiers and/or
  • number of bases you own and/or
  • geoscape exploration and/or
  • winning/loosing missions and/or
  • the game having mechanics to help players which loose a part/all of their troops in a bad mission
  • etc.pp

And then explain how perception/hearing and getting alarmed works, this is really important, esp. for new players. Or how the ODI works, is it random where new nests, etc spawn?

As a last word, can we agree that the balance is in a worse state than before after patch dunwich?
Yeah, some people state over and over again that the game is too easy, eplaining why this and that is easy but always this always includes lvl7 soldiers. The problem for most other players (not me) is reaching this point. The “thisisezl2p”-players can simply choose not to use this but the other part of the pleayers who struggle even on rookie are really with their back to the walls now.
Lairs are the worst missions till you can cheese them may it be by using invis, jumpjets+rttroops, mindcontroling arthrons.
Mortar-chirons are the worst enemy-design i’ve known in any game because not all maps have cover and they deal far too much dmg.
Spawning at the opposite side of the map when all pandorans spawn with LOS on all civilians is as bad as mortar-chirons.

PS: I’ve completed 2 runs on legend (1before/1after) but my son struggles with rookie so hard that i just made him a savegame from where he can go on and at least has a chance.

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I agree with your questions/request for information, but like you see in this link, I have expirienced Lairs to be more do-able after patch. Have don 2-3 more after the post below, and they have played somewhat similar.

Such mechanism like the auto scaling is hardly explained to avoid artificial exploits. But at end players will find enough to use such exploit anyway.

All maps have top covers but:

  • Not lairs so they should not spawn bomb Chiron but they do.
  • There’s many traps with top covers, many hole in roofs, glasses roof that will be ignored and considered as no roof.
  • Holes in roof are exploited by Chiron.
  • But roof borders seem work fine like a high obstacle.
  • Since last patch roofs seem a lot more fragile against bombard (bad design change) so you need not tempt a Chiron with something under a hole in roof, or a solider not under roof and close to some roof exploited. The bombard chiron can miss and explode all your covers instead of hurting the exposed soldier.
  • High obstacle between Chiron and soldier work too, but in lairs they should not be those destroyable obstacles.
  • Maps borders are a bit of an exploit but they can be effective with a small obstacle not too far from border.
  • I believe there’s silence mechanisms allowing stop be noticed by a Chiron but it need be clarified.
  • Be at an opening with roof only on head, can trigger a bombard anyway, sort of more direct trajectory or some splash damages included in the target determination. For example you are at a door, roof on top, Chiron at side of the door.