Disable this function

Right-clicking on a square automatically makes them move to it. Intuitively I right-click it to cancel move option, and the soldier goes there. Anyway right click (to move) can be disabled?


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Personaly, I only use “right click” to move.
So in response to the Thread’s title, I’d say: please no. However, offering an option in “gameplay” is OK.


Yeah totally fair enough, an option would be nice. Or I could get my act together and be more careful :slight_smile:

Word. I’m a total misclicking klutz (I literally make a new save at the start of every turn, just in case lol) so I know the pain.

I should start doing them saves too, I’m a bigger klutz.

can we add the “click and hold to drag camera” disable function option to that? or…better yet…can we just have all key AND mouse buttons have configuration?

Yes, we are planning to disable this function. When you are in some interface contextual menu in tactical map right-click will only cancel this menu but not move your character. You will still be able to use the right-click to move when you do not have a contextual menu opened.

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