Epic Games Select dlc problem

Hello, i have a problem with the dlc select into epic games luncher, i don’t know if this is a epic games problem or phoenix point problem.
these are the steps:

  1. I have a new pc so i install epic games and phoenix point
  2. i start the game, continue with my last save with no problem (prevoious save was with the blood and titanium dlc)
  3. i close the game, and into the menu i select my language (italian) and high performance with graphic card
    4 . i try to reload the game but say to me that i need to buy blood and titanium for load this file
  4. i go into games library of epic games, manages dlc and set on the dlc blood and titanium.
  5. when I leave and return into dlc manager the dlc is no longer set correctly.

Someone have the same problem? can anyone help me please?

now I tried to make a new game but the dlc in question tells me that it will be coming soon