[BB5] Reload before mission

Is there a way to reload before a mission?

Often the weapons still have partial loads from the previous combat or when a new weapon is added, it will have no ammo in it although there is ammo in the inventory.

I haven’t found a way in the UI to load the weapon with ammo at base.


If you have ammo in storage and remove the weapon and re-equip it, then it will automatically be reloaded.

This doesn’t seem to be working. I removed a weapon from a character, went to manufacturing screen, reequipped the same weapon back (Hel II), added ammo. When I went into battle, the main weapon was empty. Had to reload as the first action.

to load weapon before mission both weapon and full magazine must be in ‘storage’ area. if you have the last magazine in your backpack, weapon won’t be reloaded.


That was it. I would be nice if that was tweaked before release.

After a battle, I scroll through all of my units to find partial loads. Then I have to move a full ammo to the base inventory, move the gun to the inventory and then move both of them back ( in the case of a partial reload).

It appears that it will not reload in any way from a soldier’s inventory unless there is ammo in the base (which I generally don’t have at this point.)

Adding ammo to the base is an extra step of going to a screen, adding ammo and then coming back. Since at the current point of the game I’m on the edge of resources, I generally don’t stockpile ammo in the base.

Maybe a suggestion is to just magically fill up partial ammo at the end of the mission? Its realistic to have partial loads after a fight, but having a clip with 6 out of 30 rounds is not something a solider would probably bring into battle. Just a thought.

I think the idea is that you want to have the soldiers carry 2 reloads for example, if you reload from the backpack, that soldier now only carries 1 reload, which is worse because it’s harder to notice, than a gun with a red dot on it.

My soldiers carry at least 3 magazines. If there are not enough magazines in base inventory when combat is over it won’t refill partial magazines. This requires the gun shuffle to top off rounds. Basically a pain point without much game value.

I think a solution might be having the after action reload screen also include the option to handle partial magazine replacement.


Yes, and no.
if you have two storages: a table and chest rig, and you want to to reload your weapon with a new magazine, you should take a magazine from a table, because otherwise you (should) take a full magazine from the table and put it to your chest rig after that to maximise your ammo pool. so you are adding one more opertation.
More, you have a screen with your equipment status before the deployment, so you can easily see that.
So current game mechanic is consistent. You just have to remember to have 10 magazines of each type in the storage, thats it


My opinion is that if the game gives the option to reload empty magazines after a mission, it should do the same with partially used magazines.

I’m pretty sure it is an oversight.

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I fully support that we should have this option. I am just saying that this is not a bug. if you are fighting for resources, magic ammo fill up is not a welcome mechanic :wink:

I think the scenario where you land on the map with no ammo in the gun is a bug. I’ve had that happen to me after I went through the trouble of re-arming everyone.
But I agree with Kane that that the ammo shouldn’t just regenerate.

IMO, reloading automatically from store and updating that store would be cool though. So if you come back from mission with half a clip, the game swaps your half for a full one from store.
I know it’s doable manually (minus bug mentioned above) but it seems obvious that the soldier going on mission would take the time to reload his gun on the plane at least. :smiley:

If we fighting resources, then its very important that your soldier can survive since its harder to replace a trained soldier then ammo. Just a thought separate ammo and magazine. If you have a ammo like 1000 shots and and either you soldiers has 3 or 2 mags, they should refill automatic when the come back to base or transport. My soldiers auto fill grenades so why not ammo I just saying keeping you guys alive is the most important resource you have.

It already does that. If you have ammo in stock (not in your inventory) the clip you have in your gun is refilled with ammo taken out of the clip in stock.
If you have clips in your inventory but not in stock you have to do it manually (better to always have some in stock anyway).

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How to make this happen ? My soldiers with the ARES AR-1 rifle for example always seem to need to manually press refill button between each mission.

Extremely annoying and time consuming.

I have extra clips both in quick slots on the solder, his inventory and also plenty in stock back in base.

If you have plenty in stock back at base (inventory & ready slot don’t count - you know but just adding a reminder), then the rifle should auto-refill at the end of the mission by transfering rounds to your weapon (no wasted ammo).
Maybe a bug in some rare cases if it doesn’t do it for you.

Yupp I have plenty in stock (back at base). Maybe that is why it does not “work” ? Since I’m usually out on missions and for auto restock I need to fly back to base ??

No. I’m constantly out and it works. My rifles get auto loaded as long as I have ammo in store.

The store is built in bases, but in the end it’s sort of shared between your bases and ships.