Embracer Group acquires Snapshot Games

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Snapshot Games has proven capabilities in developing and publishing original IPs, originating from a team of diverse backgrounds and skills. The company currently has a major title in development with a planned release in 2023. Saber sees additional opportunity in leveraging the combined expertise and experience of Snapshot Games and Saber to realize the full potential of Snapshot Games portfolio of premium strategy titles and collaborate on future premium games.

Within the Embracer Group, Snapshot Games will operate as an independent studio under Saber, with continued focus on developing premium games.

How should one interpret the “as an independent studio under Saber” part, can we know how much of the decision-making will remain?

From that line, I would guess close to all regarding (own) game-design, but Saber still has a say in non-strictly “design” decisions?

Interesting to see that another game is in the pipeline for 2023.