Future Titles from Snapshot

I was just wondering; does have Snapshot have any plans/other games in the pipeline for after Phoenix Point?

AFAIK the plans are focused on Phoenix Point for the foreseeable future. They do have ideas for other stuff though

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Our initial focus after release will be working on DLC and expansions for Phoenix Point, along with hopefully the PS4 port.

We do have other ideas for where we’d like to go next, and we’ll probably start initial development on one of those projects sometime in the 12 months after Phoenix Point releases.


Will there ever be a Linux x64 port?
Engine originates there :slight_smile:

There are no current plans to make one. However, if there was enough interest, it would be considered.

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Count +1, if its simplest +10 eur on Epic or Steam for additional Linux supports, since its only a port. Ask for interst, is one is needed

There is Steam and maybe even Epic there too.