Electric Strike Bugged?

Description of the ability says: Target will be paralyzed if its hit points are lower than the shock value (180). This does not happen. No matter how low hit points of the target are, it will only get dazed.

Am I missing something?

Where do you get this description?

I have this in personnel screen:

And this in tactical:

Also the shock value is 200 since Ambrose (iirc), do you play an old version?

No, The electric strike ability of the technician.


Ups, sorry, yeah you’re right.

You miss nothing, the behaviour is as it should be, shock damage always only can lead do daze the target and not paralysing it.

So, this text is just wrong, you should report it ingame.

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It was too good to be true xD

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I think the aspida shows the same bug

Aspisa is meant to paralyze. Easy way to capture aliens. :wink:

Technician always only dazed enemies