Backer Build 2 Feedback

Technician is neat! Melee seems a little overpowered currently- A shot with no chance to miss and a stun means anyone who gets within 50% walking range of the technician is getting wrecked.

Car seems neat, although the first time I tried to ram someone I hit a corner I didn’t expect and stopped inches away from them- I think it’d be useful to get a predicted-path indicator so you know exactly who’ll be hit.

I’m also unclear on how hit locations are determined with melee attacks, is it completely random?

I haven’t compared screenshots, and I switched computers between BBs, but the game looks nicer now, more detailed. No mapping issues either- Overall a greater impression of polish. The new action bar indicator makes it a lot easier to understand the action economy, and displaying %values in the tooltips is helpful too.

Yeah, the Technician’s electrical attack is pretty useful–not only does it hit hard, but it also stuns, as you said. They may want to give it limited uses or make it cost willpower when they balance things :guardsman:

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regarding the technicians stun attack: there is a bug with it that causes all hits to stun. it supposed to be that if it does 20% or more of the enemies max HP in a single attack that the stun effect triggers.

Technician IS overpowered, as she’s the only melee attacker, has the greatest TU’s pool, and her heal tecnhiques are off the chart (human AND tech heal? WOW!). Even better when standing next to assault guy, who basically does nothing.

And yes, there was a huge improvement from one BB to the other regardin technical issues. It runs so much smoother now.

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To be fair, the stun does, what, 8 damage? Most enemies don’t have more than 40 HP.

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Stun weapon should just stun. Seems its just feature introduction. Yes, for real stunning it would be beneficial to grind HP down first, be close and even be able to do stun more then once if first fails (meaning full health technician that can survive a good close combat hit). But real stunning is not there (yet)

Damage sounds about right. Of course that’d only be against an unarmoured body part.

Depends on how you define ‘most.’ If you mean most enemy types, then unlikely as we have seen 2 types out of at least 9 known types. If you mean by sheer numbers, maybe? Depends on how common crabmen are

Like in the original X-Com, there may be a difference between physical damage and stun damage. Weapons in X-Com did both. Most did way more physical damage than stun damage, meaning it was more likely to kill the target, but not impossible to knock one unconscious via regular gunfire. Of course, the stun launcher and stun rod only did stun damage.

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If you are speaking of 1994 game, these were only stun weapons. There were really rare situations aliens would drop unconsciousness from health grinding and wounds, but then they would die soon and could not be recovered to interrogate/examine. So I kind of find that original mechanics was killing vs stunning a bit more then doing both damages.