Ancient units cannot be attacked with ASPIDA

Fore some mystical fucking reason Aspida cannot attack Ancient units those robo dudes. Not even it’s lil’o 10 dmg would be applied the skill it has literally grayed out calling “no avaiable targets”, which is bullshit, cuz it has piercing so its not armor, it has that 10 damage which is raw dmg so it should be applied to EVERYTHING and paralysis they are not immune i just shot from a syncderon nerve gun and it applied 7 paralysis out of 200 properly. So why on earth the ASPIDA refuses to comply wtf. And its not that immune to the one damage thing cuz they just woke up and they don’t have it on them yet. They have nothing on it yet, and not just the big dude the small dude wont be harmed by the ASPIDA either. Btw F12 dont work either which is a fun bonus fact lol.

FYI, since the Steam release, f12 has shifted to f10 - apparently because Steam refuses to recognise f12.

F12 is screenshot for steam overlay, but its turned off for me.

It’s now hard coded as F10 in the game.

I have the epic version

Also aspida cannot attack scylia either. Which is A MASSIVE fuck you imho

It most certainly can, and it’s a very common tactic. Probably the easiest way to capture her.