The bug report tool is really awful

I’ve never played another game with a feedback tool that froze the game for anywhere near this long. Are you trying to discourage use? Why build it if so? Either do the zip upload in the background or make it optional - every bug ive come across in this game is easily reproducible, no zip needed.

Remove saved games if you have more than 3 to 5. Tool is uploading them all, and from what I understand it zips all of them, so it is even more based on your upload speed.

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Thanks, good to know. This should still be fixed though.

Should it not just upload the current one so team can recreate the situation? If it uploads them all - thats a bug in a tool :slight_smile:

I agree, no need to upload all - I have hundreds of them and have stopped using F12 because of this :frowning:

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