Do you we have an EtA on the latest bug fix for game pass?

I unfortunately felt like I had to refund the game as having spent about 40 hours playtesting the game in EA I didn’t feel that the game was ready for launch. I would like to thank epic for allowing me to refund after playing a lot more than 2 hours of the “released” product following a detailed explanation of my situation.

However at present epic does not have reviews, most reviews and specifically this forum have explained the litany of bugs and the balancing issue which I didn’t experience in my 6 odd hours of playing the “finished” product.

I put 40 hours into bug testing the EA version and while I very much believe that there is a great game here a game I really want; I do not feel ready to buy it again until I see some major patches and I see a lot of positivity on this forum (which is my only way to see if the game gets fixed due to the aforementioned issue with epic and the apparent silence of the developers apart from the forum moderator).

However given that I can play the base game on the Microsoft game pass for a very small sum of cash I am considering getting the game pass just for this and to hopefully get the game with its DLC if the developers work on the many faults, balancing and early access UI in the future.


I noticed in the forum that a hotfix was released which fixed some game breaking bugs. When and will this bug fix be released for the windows version? As I don’t particularly want to get this game pass thing unless I know that the fixes will applied to that.