Do i link accounts, and a question

i have an epic games account under a different email, and have made a new account under my phoenix point email. how do i link accounts? and is it possible to download game on Epic games yet or no? it just says pre order.

Of course, it is possible to connect the two accounts(emails).
Go to and look for it…

doesnt help

Pls tell me, how this don’t help??? You simply change epic email with PP email.

You are really a lezy kid, who don’t now how to look for answers…

thats not even what i was asking.

I think you do not understand that your account with xsolla is just a temporary account and is only for BB3. Which has nothing to do with your Epic or Steam or Gog account.
For BB4, you will get a code to register your PP game on your Epic account and then you can download it. But you will receive this code on the email with which you purchased PP from xsolla.
Now, if you want to receive information from Snapshot games, xsolla and Epic on the same email you have to replace the email,… Otherwise you will get this information on various emails.

okay that makes sense.

So Epic replaces Xsolla for Backers Builds? Or it will just deliver final game?

Yes Epic will replaces Xsolla for Backer Builds. Which is a good thing, because the Xsolle servers were overloaded when a large number of backers download the game. You must be aware that there are more than 200k backers for BB.

How does this affect early access through the backer builds?
Our webstore at will stay open, and you can still get early access there with the Platinum and Signature Editions. Future Backer Builds from Backer Build 4 onward will be delivered via the Epic Games Launcher when you redeem your key.

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ok, my xsolla email account is dead and can’t be resotred (because servers were sold to other provider and those guys lost a lot of accounts in transition, including mine).
So - how do I get my backer key for BB4 in that case?

If you contact Xsolla via and they can update your email address for you.