DLC concept: Blood in the water

Just a suggestion topic by someone bored and unable to sleep.

Main feature: Water maps, 2 new enemies, and a new class of vehicles.

DLC info: We might not be able to beat the Pandoran’s in deep ocean but we can sure as hell try. With this DLC fight to take out mist generating colonies just off the coasts in deep water. Warning high waters may slow down your units or render their tactics ill adviced.

Main map features: flooded maps, these maps have a lower section that is flooded, units in these sections must swim for your soldiers that means halved movement rate and inability to attack while in teh water. For Pandoran’s that means inability to use ranged weapons unless they are one of the two new enemy types.

Along with flooded maps, all pandoran colonies will have large amounts of water, with the small one being the only one that doesn’t this should fix the jet pack required problem we have right now with some random layouts.

The flooding will take place of the void and unlike current where the aliens can only spawn at the side of the map, they have some jump out points all around the flooded areas.

water effects
-units must swim through reducing movement rate based on armor. snipers and infiltrators have no reduction, assault armors have a -2, and heavy can not enter.
-units in water take stun damage from explosives (shockwave)

+units in water can dive bellow the water when shot at this is a random perk.
+infiltrator synedreon units can fire their crossbows from in the water.
+water automaticly removes fire effects.

New enemy types

type one: Archer
info: Archers are a strange Pandoran, normally these fish like things are seen acting as biological snipers, firing poison spit from long ranges. unlike other pandoran’s which just have a speed boost in water they have a range boost. Making them a larger threat in nests then in a haven. Not only that but they can recharch their spitter head from water and even poison water if they are in it (all units that enter that tile and the ones around it are poisoned.)


archer sniper: default type, has a long range spitter head, and a vat torso. The torso is what allows it to poison water nearby

archer shotgun: a closer range one doesn’t have teh spitter head but instead has two arms that act like short range shotguns having only 4 range they do a small amount of damage plus a high amount of poison to the point they are lethal to all but the strongest soldiers in a single turn.

type two: turtle

info: a 2x2 beast and the equivalent to the phoenix point hovercraft(bellow). this thing on land is a near impossible to kill wall of bone and shell, thankfully it is passive in fact if you don’t have a vehicle and one of these is on the map, it will auto be captured once everything else is dead.

But if you have a vehicle well you will learn what this thing is there for, its crushing bite allows it to easily rip any vehicle you have to pieces if it can get in range. Along with its heavy armor it is a high threat especially if you need to escort some one through its waters.

in addition to that, ranged pandoran’s may climb onto the turtle using its shell as protection allowing them to fire their MG’s with ease.

**phoenix point vehicle **

Hover craft

info:with the introduction of water comes a new vehicle for you to play with, unlocked upon taking out a turtle and researching it. the hover craft is a high speed 2x2 vehicle with a few unique features. The main one being it can move through water, and added crew increase its fire power.

By default the hover craft takes up 2 slots instead of the normal 3. along with that its default weapon is the cannon seen on your heavy troopers, but later on you can swap that out for a mini gun or grenade launcher. IT also has a secondary gun which is only activated if a soldier is in it, this secondary gun is a .50 cal machinegun.

health: 400
armor: 30(body), 50(weapon), 40 (skirt, those things can take a lot of damage)

cannon: ammo 30, attack 3 round burst
.50 cal: ammo 100, attack 10 round burst.

slots: 1 gunner can enter, said gunner is exposed and can loose attack ability if their arms are crippled.

note: gunner fires independently of main vehicle meaning the vehicle gets its attack then the gunner theres.

along with the phoenix point hovercraft each faction would have their own, ranging from ANU with a large snake like crature, to NJ having a amphibious assault vehicle which takes 4 slots but has several guns and attacks per turn.

NJ AAV: Frog

info: NJ had to build a whole new vehicle for their amphibious side. like all their vehicles it is heavily armored and armed. Equiped by default with a gauss minigun and a 40mm grenade launcher. this beast also has 4 firing ports that allow soldiers to enter it and fire their weapons from safety. Sadly these ports are closed when in the water.

health: 800
armor average: 40
gauss minigun: ammo 120, ammo per burst 30.
40mm grenade launcher: ammo 20, ammo per burst 4

firing ports/soldier slots: 4
firing port info: allows soldiers to fire their main weapon with a slight accuracy penalty, while in the vehicle they are protected from fire, poison, virus, and any biological threat.(the hovercraft above does not give said protection)

ANU: leviathan (temp name)

info: the strangest of the ANU mutant creatures the leviathan is bread as a live capture creatures, a large beast that looks like someone combined a aquatic reptile, a gulper eel, and some sort of chameleon. The creature despite its size is rather stealthy. its main role is live capture of smaller pandoran’s but it has variants which have other uses from acting as a goo cannon to spitting fire in a 9- degree forward arc.

Though it isn’t recommended, this creature can also transport a single soldier to safety. But once again not recommended. as the creature does paralysis damage to anything it has captured until they are released.

SYN: octopus (temp name)

info: unlike the other factions which have to build a new vehicle to deal with water, Synedreon does something unique and just reinforced their current medical drone, the octopus has a fourth hover engine at the back allowing it to hold more cargo and supplies along with this it has been armed with set of weapons meant purely to deal with aquatic threats.


standard drone ones with the heal and the stun.

torpedo: ammo 4, info: a weapon launched only in water, is aimed at a square and not a target dealing heavy damage to anything swimming and shredding armor.

purifier system: can remove poison from water, put out fires, remove mist, and clean up goop.


Sad this idea didn’t go anywhere. Was about to post something similar then realized I already posted this.