Digital Extras Edition?


Backer Build closing in and I can´t wait to get it! Now I just want to make sure I am eligible for it.

I pre-ordered from Xsolla last October and the Paypal receipt says “Product: Phoenix Point Digital Extras Edition”.
When I bought it, the price was 35.87 eur and that is currently about 44 USD.
There is no such product in Xsolla anymore, Luxury Digital Edition is the closest to the same price.
So I just want to make sure it is the same package, just different name?




the Digital Extras Edition is not the same thing as the Luxury Digital Edition.
you dont get the Digital art book(edit. you do get the Art book) ,the Alien chitin armor set and the Alien ‘living’ gun set.
I may have missed something but i think those are the only differences

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It isn’t the same as the Luxury Digital Edition. We retired the Digital Extras Edition from the store when we were reducing the number of different packages available. You do still get Backer Build access though.


Ok, thanks DeRoberto and UnstableVoltage!