Destroy spawnery?

hi I’m loving the game so far but sometimes I’m confused about what the mission objectives are. I entered my first lair and it was pretty hard. I managed to mow down most of the enemies on the map but I can’t figure out what “destroy spawnery” wants me to do. On top of it I dont get much breathing room to figure it out because enemies seem to spawn indefinitely so eventually my team just gets killed. I would appreciate some help.

Im loving the game too, but there are some things that are downright infuriating. Lairs are a good example, two sirens who can mind control your soldiers, reducing your friepower and at this stage of the game (I havent fully explored the main quests yet), a acid maggot spewing turret, just the sheer amount the game throws at me at this time of the game (early on) and I’m feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated (and to make matters worse im playing on easy)

However, the worst thing is: I cant find the spawnery either, like the OP and its driving me mad. Could someone link a screen shot of what it looks like? It might help alleviate the intense frustration I am feeling right now. (Im at the brink of saying “screw this” and starting over. I know Lairs are harder, but this is ridiculous)

you have screen on mission briefing? It usually is surrounded by higher level of ground

Let me restore my geoscape save and ill relaunch the mission, see if it shows anything…

Edot: Okay yeah I see it, I just couldnt find it at all in the lair, its like impossible to look for it with everything being thrown at me all at once. This Lair has some ridiculous level difficulty (large map, tons of enemies that my squad struggles to take out, etc) Just feel that thsi early in the game it shouldnt be this bad, its like a brick wall Im consatntly bangign ym head against

From what I’ve heard, the spawnery tends to end up in the corners