Impossible to destroy any lairs, no spawnery on any map

It takes hours and hours to run around the Pandorian lair’s looking for something called a “spawnery” only to lose to the endless spawning enemies or my team running out of stamina. I have completely searched the maps numerous times and have never found a “spawnery”. I have seen others complaining about the same thing, but after reloading they did finally get one to spawn.

I have reloaded the game time and time again, searching out the entire zone, uncovering every single nook and cranny and there is never a “spawnery”. I have spent days now trying to destroy a single lair but it is impossible to do so and this breaks my game.

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look in the pits on the back left and right corners. They show up there. Also, here is what it looks like

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Same here! No way there is a spawnery there. Looked for it for almost 8 hours now. It is not there!

And after every 10 to 20 rounds the game get stuck on Aliens turn. So basically this game is unplayable. I’m currently ill, and i’ve wasted my whole day. NO progress in the game whatsoever! Yesterday mostly the same.

How do i get a refund?

Had this situations too, when spent hours jumping with heavy to locate spawnery , looking into every hole -nada.
After that developed 2 techniques:

  1. Wait until it becomes Citadel - then it’s easy to kill Scyila and that’s it. - not recommended since existing lairs generate a lot of attacks on surrounding heavens.

  2. Load autosave created before you start lair - this results in map regenerated and spawnery placed in different location , so chances are you will find it, if not - do it again.

Actually lairs a quite easy IF you find spawnery quickly , if not - it’s nightmare.

F12 Report to snapshot. When there is a bug they have to fix because thats a major Problem.

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It is also possible to tile scan if you have sight on the corner and there is a path to get there. This isn’t always the case if rocks block the route.

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How you can exactly prove with one screenshot of your screen that there is no lair on the map ?

Yep, tilescanning is the way to go! There are often two available pits possible for housing a Spawnery at the map. Check the one where you can’t find a path to the bottom: that’s the one with a Spawnery inside! :wink:

F12 reporting also sends the savegamefiles and other Information to snapshot. In the discription of your Report you can mention the savefile which has no spwanery…

One thing I forgot to mention is that you usually get sight on the corner-pit well before you can see the spawnery. The corner will just look like a empty hole in the ground ringed by rocks and “lair-structure”. You can usually see both corners from the middle of the map but don’t often don’t catch sight of the spawnery until you’re practically on top of it. It isn’t stealthy or anything, but in effect stealthy because it is always surrounded by structures that block LOS. This is the big choice on lairs: do you try to blast a hole in the rocks to clear a shot or are you trying get one of your soldiers inside the ring. Or some people use jet packs apparently.

The spawnery is always to the leftmost or rightmost corner from your starting point. Always. You will see a rectangular hole in the ground, but the spawnery itself is only visible when your soldier is standing in front of it.

My advise is to do a test run. Before actually spending time and resources to clear the map, do a trial run to the extreme corners to ascertain where the spawnery is. Once you have, restart the map and kill enemies while moving towards the spawnery. Alternatively, you can do a zerg rush to destroy the spawnery with a Level 8 Heavy (with jetpacks) and 3 Assauts with Rally skill. The Level 8 Heavy should preferably be dual-classed to an Assault so that he has Dash, and he must have Level 8 Rage Burst skill. Upon starting, jetpack as far as you can in the direction of one corner. Use Dash to push yourself further. Use Rally 3 times from each of your Assaults to gain another 3 action points. With this, you can jet pack another time. You’ll be two thirds of the way to the spawnery. Find a place to hide, end your turn and repeat. Rage Burst on the spawnery for instant kill, but you need 5 AP on reserve for this.

Not sure how it will behave after latest patch, but I had 3 times situations where I was spending a day + !!! trying to locate spawnery with 2 heavies flying around and end up notr finding one.
My theory it it might be present , but it located on some “island” in the middle of “see or darkness” you can reach or even jump to.
Either this or it totally missing.

As was already mentioned, if you can trace a path to the bottom of a pit in the map corner, spawnery isn’t there. If you can’t it means the pit is full with spawnery. If you think that’s cheesy, just consider how the lairs are with nonstop spawns and go chop it.

You really need only 1-2 heavys to leapfrog to the spawnery while rest of the team keep :panda: occupied. Bashing the spawnery actually does more damage than the cannon (4 bashes in 1 turn) but the gatling gun will make mincemeat out of it.

Sometimes the pit isn’t accessible on foot, and you have to have jump jets to get there. That’ll ruin your day if you don’t have any heavies with your team.