Destroy the Spawnery

This mission is kicking my ass, by spawnery do they mean I need to kill every creature or is there something called a spawnnery. If so whats it look like I cant find anything labeled spawnery

I’ve encountered a “nest” which is pretty easy in my experience and a “lair” that on 12 attempts, even with two squads of 6 has been impossible for me.

destroy this thing. look in the back corners for a 5x5 grid of unobstructed space in a pit

That’s the issue with this game, everything appears on the map at a random location. For example my squad has spawned in on turn one with 2 members in a location they can’t move out of or shoot from.
Same thing with things we are supposed to destroy. It’s the old “RNG” monster that has replaced solid well thought out coding due to pure and simple laziness.

That mission took me like half a day to beat, you have to constantly push towards that thing and kill it as fast as possible.

I recommend save-scumming and agressively jetpacking forward with heavies to find the bloody thing, then push towards it.

You will be constantly under attack from all sides, so if your randomised map allows you should push on the edge, unfortunately on my map this wasn’t possible (due to a set of walls creating a blind spot for Sirens to chill in and spam scream). You must agressively push forward while minimising damage done to your guys. For example, I didn’t kill the bombardier-monster, instead, just destroyed it’s abdomen (the one where he shoots bombs from) and then left him panicing and burning to death. I’m not sure how the spawning mechanic works, but that might have delayed some spawns.

The problem with that mission is that the more effective you are at killing the bad guys, the more quickly they respawn, as the spawning script aggressively replaces them. The exact unit that spawns seems to be random too, so you can get unlucky and have 3 sirens spawn at the same time, good luck clearing that.