Wondering if I can get help with Delirium stories

Was just wondering if one of the staff or someone who knows anything could help me retrieve all of the delirium texts from throughout the game describing the nightmares and strange things that happen to the soldiers as the game goes on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here you are :wink:

One of the last things Dr. Randolph Symes III worked on before leaving Phoenix Point was the Oneiric Delirium Index - an attempt to quantify the unexplained mental influence of the Pandorans. He feared the frequent reports of strange nightmares and hallucinations might be attributable to something more than psychological trauma - perhaps some form of telepathic attack.

Under different circumstances the idea might have seemed fanciful, but even Phoenix Project operatives have reported similar phenomena. We should complete his research.
One of our operatives has reported experiencing repeated lucid nightmares of floating up into the sky, helplessly twisting and turning in a nausea-inducing spiral motion that seems to defy the principles of Euclidian space. They always woke up before they could see where they were going, but sensed a frightening presence waiting for them there.
Several members of base personnel have been caught sleepwalking and drawing elliptical shapes on the walls in an overlapping, almost hypnotic pattern that induced feelings of anxiety in onlookers.

On waking, the individuals were confused, but otherwise unaffected. All of them reported dreams of flight.
We have received multiple reports of flocks of birds flying in strange, repeating spiral patterns. They persist in doing so until death from exhaustion or malnutrition. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate a specimen to examine, so we cannot determine whether this anomalous behavior is the result of Pandoravirus infection or not.
We have received an unconfirmed report of someone dying during a potentially ODI-related recurring nightmare. The individual in question had supposedly reported that with each repetition of the dream, they came closer to the gates of a tomb in a vast dead city under a black sky. It’s hard to judge what exactly this means without more evidence.
More and more of our operatives are reporting distressing nightmares, and some appear to be experiencing symptoms similar to night terrors. This is consistent with reports from havens around the world.
According to a rumor, a man in a Synedrion haven killed several people while hallucinating that he was being pulled into a tomb by the ghoulish creatures that had been haunting his dreams for several weeks. There is a similar rumor about a woman in a New Jericho haven killing her family. It’s not clear whether these are two similar incidents, or whether both rumors are based on the same event. What’s certain is that reports of visual and auditory hallucinations are increasing.
The remains of a New Jericho squad have been found in the wilderness. It would appear that one of the soldiers killed the others in their sleep, gutted them, and arranged their entrails in an elaborate spiral pattern. He then sat in the middle of the pattern until, as far as we can tell, he starved to death.
We now have a confirmed report of an individual dying during an ODI-related recurring nightmare. The victim, a 20-year-old woman in a Synedrion haven, was being monitored when the event occurred, and as per her wishes the collected data has been released to the public for study.

While the precise cause of death cannot be fully determined, there was a massive spike in unusual neural activity just before her brain suddenly shut down, almost as if she was being attacked.
Many of our people are reporting feelings of depression and lethargy induced by their frequent nightmares. Sometimes it seems impossible that this war will ever end, or that humanity could win. It almost seems more realistic to just assume everything will go wrong and that any struggle is pointless.

But despite these feelings, all of them keep showing up for duty.
We have received an unconfirmed report of a haven leader trying to poison his haven’s water supply. If the report is correct, he mixed the poison out of several ingredients, knocked out a guard and picked a lock - while sleepwalking. Apparently, it took five people to subdue him, and one person was badly injured in the attempt. The man screamed and growled as he fought, but remembered nothing at all upon waking.

It seems the grip of oneiric delirium is becoming stronger, and the affected can even perform highly complex activities without waking up.
A recent internal survey has revealed that an alarming 45% of Phoenix Project personnel have reported symptoms resembling night terrors in the last month. These symptoms include disorientation, terror, tachycardia, and intense mydriasis, often accompanied by screaming.
Our operatives have reported unusually disturbing hallucinations of an abandoned, inhuman city. The details of each experience are different, but several share clear similarities in the architecture described, including a deep pit, green pyramids, and a cyclopean tomb that instils unbearable terror.
The leader of a notorious band of raiders has surrendered to a haven, begging for forgiveness. He claims that he woke up in the middle of the night to find that his men had stripped naked and headed out into the desert. There, he says, they arranged themselves in a spiral and started scraping off each other’s skin with jagged pieces of stone while repeatedly chanting a word that sounded like “yoor-got” or “yoo-god” until, one by one, they dropped dead.

The raider was so horrified by what he saw that he thought it was the judgement of God.
As the Oneiric Delirium Index increases, night terrors are becoming extremely frequent, often accompanied by sleepwalking and a strange babbling that resembles glossolalia. Many of the sufferers describe visions of a monstrous being with inhuman features that defy proper description. This being, slowly emerging from a colossal tomb in a ruined city, commands them to obey in a terrible, mind-annihilating voice.
A sudden mass hallucination, in which our operatives suddenly believed they were trapped in the ruins of an ancient city, has led to multiple injuries as the affected individuals desperately tried to escape. “The terror we felt was like a wall,” one of our operatives says. “It was absolute. It was perfect. There was nothing you could do except run, get away at any cost. I’ve never felt anything like it, even on the battlefield. The thing that lives in that city… it’s not like us. Fighting it is like trying to fight the tides.”
Our medication seems to no longer be enough to stop the hallucinations. All that remains now is human will, and the hope that victory will bring an end to these waking nightmares.
Shocking reports are flooding in from havens all around the world. People are losing their minds, harming themselves and their friends, screaming about the king in the heavens whose commands they cannot bear.

It is difficult not to lose hope.
The nightmares and hallucinations continue to spread. Many are convinced that the end times are upon us, and it’s hard to say that they’re wrong. Thousands have probably died, but the numbers are hard to guess as haven leaders struggle to keep things under control. The chaos is pushing the factions to the edge.
The long slumber of countless aeons has ended! He rises from his dark tomb in the stars, and all is consumed! As it was written, so it shall be. The triumph of Yuggoth shall echo forever!


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