Oneiric delirium index wont reduce!

killed many pandoran’s base. but seems oneiric delirium index don’t get reduce after this patch

Clearing bases does actually reduce the ODI.

The current issue is that the ODI level is displayed as a percentage, but internally it’s a much larger number. Let’s say 0-10,000 as an example.

Clearing a base reduces the ODI, but sometimes not by enough for it to be visible as a whole percent on the ODI meter. So while you may not see the meter going down, you’re certainly reducing it and slowing the progress.

We are looking at changing this to make it more transparent, along with rebalancing the ODI reduction from clearing bases.

Perhaps I was mistaken, but I am pretty certain that after exploring a site I was presented with a reward that was supposed to lower the ODI by 5. However, the ODI did not change. So “by 5” when the ODI Is at 55% makes no seeable dent is all up to the percentages and how they are calculated? The scale must be larger than 1-100 for a lowering of 5 to not register.

Just curious…

Exactly. The reward reduced the ODI by 5, not by 5%. This is what we need to make more transparent and rebalance.


Then the reward is way too low. Previously maybe it was too high because I could keep ODI at 0% on Legend, but now even if I destroy 5 citadels within a day it hardly moves backwards. Even if I see reduction of 1% that is quite not enough to maintain a safe space.

Perhaps the conversation is not about stopping the filling of the scale and not even about rolling back, but about slowing down the speed of distribution (from 5km / day to 3km / day), but this has not yet been implemented(modified in Liviathan) graphically correctly. Perhaps.