Defeat the Yuggothian Receptacle

OK, killed the gathekeepers, passed the another hall with few throwing bossess, entered the last hall and cleared the most of enemies. Objectives are to take the beacon and kill the entity.

Goal “Take the beacon” is a bit missleading, since it seems you dont need to take anything
but seems you need to find angle to shot at it, possibily from left and right corners and upwards,
since you cant to a real frontal charge at Yuggothian Receptacle.

So question is how to make it open and fight?

Second, brought two priests and they are supposed to null Yuggothian Receptacle attacks at 10 tiles around (meaning group somewhere near) but it doesnt seem to work with latest Necromicon patch - soldiers take damage and it seems more they are distant from Receptable - it varies from 10 to 100 per unit per attack, with no real reason.

While mission is great and has a pace, its not so well explained what to do. Even learning curve is a bit hard. Yes, its end game mission, but somewhat it should be more clear what to do.

The devs have clearly stated that the Mark of the Void is not a psychic attack. Therefore, priests can’t protect units from it.

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OK, beacon to be taken is early in the first hall. Is there any rule to Mark of the Void, even angling does not help (not facing the monster, being in corners) - it seems it can direct attacks after being hit few times. I see people used to kill its eyes, but that is hard to get on. Disabling tentacles does not mend attacks at all.

Beacon also seems pointless (until its killed?) offers no protection or in game use. Will take much more testing, but most unclear mission ever. Yes, its palace, its endgame, its supposed to be tough, but the way its built now it looks hopeless. I believe I would need more medikit, better medikit healing and cheaper medikit use (since you already need a lot of ammo) for last mission.

On sidenote: seems before Danforth it was attack priest was protecting. What made the sudden change?

Before Danforth the priest could prevent incoming damage by his skill. Now all soldiers are helpless to MotV. The devs consider it to be feature now. That is very bad game balance. You are forced to take multiple medpacks with you and the priest becomes obsolete. If they nerf RB, the final fight will become what it is now: awful.

Also in June it was a “KNOWN BUG”


Jun 23

It is a bug and has been reported, and is being worked on. There will be a patch to deploy it, but I have no date at the moment.

Before Danforth, MoV simply didn’t work (at least for the majority of the players).

Some attributed it to the priest’s mind ward skill, but I didn’t bring any priests along and yet I never received any MoV damage. That was the MoV bug - that it didn’t work, not that mind ward didn’t protect against it (but there was some confusion around this because when with Danforth it was reported that there was a bug with MoV - meaning that mind ward didn’t protect against it - the devs assumed that MoV still wasn’t working… Anyway, ancient history :slightly_smiling_face:)

The rules for MoV are explained in the info tab - MoV afflicts the target and friendlies in a 5 tile radius. The YE casts it every turn, on a different operative when possible (the YE can only cast it on operatives that have crossed the Gate).

You don’t need medkits or Technicians, and you don’t need the YE to open. What you want is to get to the YE as fast as possible with your whole team, but keeping some distance between them so that they don’t get the damage from two or more MoVs at the same time. There are always 2 openings from which you can attack YE, that’s why you want to get up close. Once there you can finish it in 3 turns if you got enough firepower (like a few Heavies with Deceptors and Rage Burst).

Anyway, I think I already wrote a couple (more coherent) posts on how to deal with the YE, but I’m too tired to find them now, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

TBH, I’m not sure if the problem is so much the MoV as the lack of in-game explanation as to how it works and that it is intended to push the player towards the YE. I think many players instinctively want to stay back and attack it from a distance because it feels safer, when it really is the opposite.

What do you think? Is it something the player should have to figure out, or should there be more explicit guidance?

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I believe its mindless how it works now.

If its physical, entity should open and hit with tentacle, one target, not whole team.
Counting distance and getting across while there are multiply normal enemies alive and coming is also not an option. Angles to shot at it are hard to find and offer little protection (usually elevated spots in corners). When it opens, it does not respond to overwatch, so it breaks game mechanics in a way. I would expect it to open, be shot by overwatch and then at least that soldier should be spared of MoV. I even destroyed a tentacle, it does not make attacks any weaker.

Instead of fixed non movable target with such heavy barrier and attack on all units, more creative and fightable end boss would be most welcome. As Scylla is scarry and inspirative, this is boring and torchering the player, as it is now.

Thank you for trying to explain Mark of the void attack, but “it does not make sense” - its “Vookies are from Endor” defense (South park reference :slight_smile:

Have you tried it? In a matter of few turns Receptable will slaughter whole team with little chance of fighting it, add additional enemies and some ammo and health damages you have to suffer to get there. And its on ROOKIE difficulty!

Addendum: Tried the rush tactics and could bring the whole team close. MoV is still 100 strong, so even if I take one side of the entity, time to switch to other flank is enough for it to again, kill the whole team.

Congrats, you have made it undefeatable, unless one can constantly heal-regenerate. Taking account lot of ammo needed, one cannot simply bring enough medi kits and constantly heal on few turns. Its impossible to guess which soldier will be targetted, at which strenght and its not even indicated. Its attack is calculated last, so if you get hit by a ordinary enemy and you get 100 attack (provided you dont have full health) you are likely to be near dead. Even if you heal, similar can occur just on next turn

It’s not physical, and it doesn’t attack whole team. It places a ‘mark’ on one soldier every turn. That soldier and any friendly within 5 tiles will suffer 40 damage per ‘mark’ (sometimes there is a dropoff ant it falls to 20). So if you have 3 soldiers with the mark within 5 tiles of each other they will suffer up to 120 damage per turn. If the YE can’t place the MoV on a different soldier (for example, because only a few soldiers cross the gate), it will place it on the same guy and the marks will stack. So if the same guy has 3 marks, he will receive 120 damage each turn.

Defeating the YE is easy (last time I finished it on Legend without using a single medkit) provided you move on it fast, keep the 5 tile distance and when you get there have the firepower to deal a lot of damage. You want to go for the eyes (because they cause massive loss of HPs), and the point of the tentacles is to protect the eyes.

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A priest with a frenzy head is helpful for the final rush. Clear out all existing enemies before crossing into the final room. Place a unit near spawning sites. Get units with maximum fire power to the left and right of the boss, as these areas are exposed most often.


I think this is one of the most underrated behaviour with the Mark of Void. As long as you hold the distance of at least 5 tiles between your soldiers you don’t receive that much damage per turn (40 per soldier with MoV per turn). Then you have mostly enough time to take the Receptacle down even without any healing when you rush fast in and pump as much damage into it as you can per turn (healing means dealing lesser damage in this turn, so I only heal if one of my soldiers is really close to death and I need him to deal massive damage, for instance Heavies with Deceptor and Rage Burst).

Keep distance between your own soldiers is very important to win the damage race against the Receptacle.


Yep. On my last playthrough I had 4 single class Heavies and the YE is just 2 jet jumps away.

The [absolutey useless good for nothing] Heavies in Heavy Armor [the worst, most useless armor] with the Deceptor [terrible, 300+ posts worthy of discussion on how awful it is] using Rage Burst [a “deleted skill”, not worth the SPs] did the Artichoke in 2 turns :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: also using Mark for Death, the other “deleted”, worthless skill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I will try the tips, but essentially it takes recreating the new team and playing again up to entity with more perfection. Thanks for explaining Mark of Void attack, but looks cheap and dirty solution for overpowered boss.

I dont mind striking it while you are getting near, but map and more enemies dont give much space to spread adding you still have smaller enemies around. And it stacks once you get there to kill it, like it has no other attack.

Since its Tentacle based creature, why not improving it?

If its physical attack I would expect to see tentacle hit to a soldier, not just a mark.

It could whip soldier of armor, throw him back, steal the weapon and use it with its clip, end fight could be so much better and exciting then rushing and finding few points to throw as much ammo as possible.

Added as votable ticket

i just stumble in this mission and my defeat for the 2nd time once when the PP has been released and now with the last DLC LotA, and to make the game less frustrating i add some quality of life mods like unlimited deployment and to this purpose i brought 4 frigging aircraft 2PP, 1NJ and last DoA, a frigging army with 2 scarabs along the way and i still fail in the end due to the fact that the explanation of the “mark of the void” it’s too vague for me to act a strategy to it. And by the way the distance doesn’t matter he hit and kill indiscriminately at any distance. Still what seems it does is apply a damage to character and if someone other is near 5 tiles it take damage for everyone of them and on them too. Probably my bad i choose ammo over heals due to the fact that i brough a technician per aircraft.

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Yes, I tried to keep distance, but even when being near, I can confirm it offers no protection.
Plus new crabs spawn, and shield rotates, adding to frustration. Some damage can be dealt to the boss, but to kill it with such high level HP and shield and spawning enemies seems hardly now.

I see there is a leg mutation I believe that restores 10HP per turn. If it was stronger, that would be great survival measure.

The Yuggothian Entity can apply the MoV on any operative that is a little past the Gate (some rock outcroppings mark the boundary).

Yes, and that’s also what its description says :slightly_smiling_face:

Only it’s written from the perspective of the caster (that is, the Yuggothian Entity) so it reads that the damage is applied to the target and any enemies within 5 tiles. For the player enemies = friendlies.

You don’t need to bring in an army - just kill all the enemies who are beyond the Gate without crossing it (the 2 Sirens, 2 Tritons and 3 Chirons) and then move on the YE keeping a brisk pace and 5 tile distance between your operatives. Get everyone close to it and it doesn’t matter what side it leaves the shield up, because you can always attack it from 2 sides. And, to quote Minsk, “go for the eyes!” (IIRC, each eye has 100hps with, but disabling it takes away like 500 HPs from its global pool).

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks buddy I start over following sinedryon and experiencing stealth for my first time in Phoenix Point, awesome tools by the way. I will keep in mind your advice as soon as I get the encounter. Have a good day ;D

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Thanks for the tips, in my experience, the Mark of Void ignores even infiltrator stealth (it can spot and attack it even being invisible, as well as attack on other units spread on inflitrator). Just to make that clear

I can confirm this.
It can mark anyone who is behind the imaginary line close after the gate. No line of sight needed, stealth is ignored and so on. It marks even turrets …

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Thanks. No infiltrators at the end of line :slight_smile: Seems burst fire will do the trick, improved heavies and snipers-assaults seems to be the tool of this trade

ok i cheated beacause after 6 failed end missions in 3 campaign i was tired so i just unlocked limit squad and i bring along 5 aircraft with armadillo, Aspida, 3 mutogs and an army of sinedryon themed soldier and i get the job done, screw you Yogurt entity. And i will add that as first time experiencing stealth in the game and how it work it’s just awesome a really powerful tool. Next time i wanna play like a sister of battle from wh40k themed style purge the world in holy fire.

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