Cursor gets stuck (sticky!) (on OSX?)

Screenshot has details, but couldn’t be uploaded due to this bug.

Summary: Cursor gets stuck very frequently, which makes camera follow mouse around, but no other actions can be taken. Multiple triggers, like taking aim, camera transitions. Pressing ‘enter’ fixes the situation until it happens again.

I had this issue to. The cursor can stick during the free-aim camera scenes, you have to un-toggle it somehow. I think even if the mouse cursor didn’t stick it’s still an awkward system, it would be far better to control the cursor with WASD.

Today was my first experience with the game, so the first obvious issues I noticed were mostly camera control related… It’s still early days, I imagine the free-aim system will probably go through many iterations, the current camera controls for it feel very placeholder/experimental (for reference purposes I think the free-aim controls in Valkyria Chronicles are a perfect example of how to implement a free-aim system in a completely intuitive way).

Clicking also frees up the cursor stick; in my experience it doesn’t register for anything else off of the one click, but it’s best to not assume.

Had a sort-of opposite issues after alt-tabbing in Win8: cursor moves around but cannot be used to move the camera unless the enter is pressed or mouse button is clicked.

Still reproducable on WIN 10 , Acer Aspire V3-571G with shutdowned touchpad, on Fullscreen view in the game. Very annoying thing.