Sticky Cursor with Mac high Sierra

First point, this problem appeared a few before last patch of 16 dec. Second point it’s on Mac High Sierra.

When I do soldier orders, after it’s like i continue press left click, so the screen move if I move the mouse.

What’s weird is right click doesn’t break the problem, only a left click stop. The game has already a lot of UI problems, at this point it’s borederline implayable.

I’m not sure what to do, this is only in this game that I have this problem so Im’ skeptical that it’s a mouse hardware problem. it’s eventually a problem between the mouse driver and the game, but Im’ reluctant to uninstall it, even more because I use it as the game has no rebinding.

I wonder what to do.

More information on this.

First point I achieved remove again the bug, reminder, it appeared before last patch.

How I fixed it, no clue, I changed setup in game (a graphic option re enabled) and in custom binding, i can’t even understand how it could generate the problem in the game.

But I also updated the software I didn’t knew it was updated. So bug disapered, not sure why it was here.

Gee so this bug is triggered by binding option of the mouse software, I can’t even imagine the link with the bug.

It’s for fresh last version of the driver or an old one. I never used this binding possibility but did in PP because of the (non acceptable) lack of rebinding.

Kensington Expert Mouse, driver TrackballWorks 1.3 or 1.5.
Binding: Bind Space on simultaneous click left+right.
the bug appears even when never clicking on both buttons.

I’ll try use such binding in other games to see the effect.